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The Story of tiny gummy bears

Cute and fun-loving, don’t let the miniature size of these tiny gummy bears fool you — they are here to send a big message! Millions of people love hemp-based cannabinoids, especially gummies, and despite the effort of some to restrict them tiny gummy bears are here to stay! How are we supporting the cause? Early NFT, buyers receive a voucher for a limited, exclusive jar of HHC Gummies (200 gummy count) — a $400 value — making your NFT FREE!!!

LIMITED EDITION - Only 10,000 FREE Jars Available!


tiny gummy bears are buzzing their way into the metaverse! In collaboration with Diamond CBD, the cannabis industry’s most dominant and interesting purveyor of hemp products, these bears are bursting with fun! How so? Our first set of buyers receive a voucher for one jar of limited edition HHC Gummies (200 count) — a $400 value — making your NFT free!

Now, these tiny gummy bears may look cute (and they are!) but the LIMITED EDITION gummy jars are for adults only — and we’ve only made 10,000. So you better hurry!




Unique Attributes


Legendary Artworks

Why Diamond? Why HHC?

We collaborated with the cannabis industry’s most interesting and most innovative manufacturer of hemp-based cannabinoids, Diamond CBD. They’re at the forefront of the wellness revolution of the past decade. Its founders trailblazed a path for CBD in the early 2010s and were instrumental in opening the door for new compounds at the turn of the decade, including CBD isolate, full spectrum, delta-8, delta-10, and HHC.

And speaking of HHC, it’s one of the most exciting cannabinoids to come around in a while. Buzzy like cannabis, smooth like CBD, and fun like delta 8, HHC is the perfect combination for everyone who like... fun!!!



Build the future with us, one step at a time

  1. Mint of tiny gummy bears NFT in May 2022

  2. Exclusive tiny gummy bear container shipped to you when you redeem your NFT

  3. A unique NFT egg hatches with your tiny gummy bear inside, complete with a token to redeem your container of HHC Gummies (a $400 value!)

  4. White List sign up for tiny gummy bears NFT drops 24 hours before the live NFT

  5. One week after go live date your tiny gummy bears NFT eggs will hatch

  6. One week after your tiny gummy bears NFT hatch the redemption site goes live. Holders may redeem their token for one-time delivery of their HHC gummies

  7. We follow up the redemption period with an exclusive announcement of our upcoming and future event drops








  • What is an NFT?
    For those who may not know, NFT stands for “non-fungible token.” An NFT is basically data accounted for in a digital ledger. That data represents something specific and unique. An NFT can, for example, represent a unique piece of art or a game token.
  • What does “Mint” mean?
    “Mint,” or NFT Minting is the process by which your digital art or digital content becomes a part of the Ethereum blockchain.
  • When will the tiny gummy bears collection drop?
    The Mint date of the collection will be the April 2022. More information is on our discord.
  • How much will it cost?
    The mint price is .08 Ethereum for the White List period ( equal to $249) and .1 Ethereum at the “go live” drop (equal to $311)*. The retail value of the HHC Gummies available during the redemption period is $499. *Please note that price values fluctuate due to the market.
  • How many NFTs will be available?
    The tiny gummy bears NFT collection has 10,000 NFTs available.
  • How can I get access to the White List?
    You can get access to White List by participating on our social media platforms (Instagram and Twitter), or our contests on Discord.
  • How the tiny gummy bear NFTs are created?
    Our team designed every attribute, modeled them in 3D, and uploaded them to the Blockchain with Blockticity.
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